LED Dispensary Light



Dispensary Light.

Need a light for your dispensary that allows you to see the true color of your cannabis products? Look no further! LED Bloom in conjunction with LED Science has developed the ultimate LED luminaire to illuminate cannabis buds, oils, edibles, etc. and show their true colors.

Our 6LED light engine is designed to emulate natural daylight taking into account pupil size and the adjustment of the human eye to indoor conditions.

The full spectrum fixture gives exceptional color reproduction no matter what measurement standard you apply.

  • The radiated light contains no UV or IR and so will not affect the cannabis in any way.
  • We use solid state technology in the form of LEDs for durability and to minimize electricity costs. Our 6LED unit draws around 18 watts. It will pay for itself in energy savings over a few years.
  • Effective heat management ensures no color depreciation and longevity. You should get around a 5 year useful life running 12 hours per day.
  • It is safe to use; low voltage eliminates the possibility of shocks; it never gets hot enough to scald or cause fire.

The 6LED LED Science luminaire can be purchased in 3 versions:

  1. The fixture only for self mounting
  2. As an adjustable desk light
  3. Or on a wheeled base

Task Light

The same luminaire serves as an effective task light allowing your personnel to work under ideal lighting conditions. The human eye is the body’s window to the world, and the light entering the eye affects our health, circadian rhythms, mood, focus, performance, productivity and general wellbeing.

Some practitioners of human centric lighting are focused on producing fixtures which change color temperature (CT) to mimic the sun’s CT throughout the day. We do not subscribe to this view in the workplace. The ideal work light should provide the correct spectrum, color temperature and color reproduction, intensity to maximize performance, optimize health, ensure focus and contribute to overall wellbeing while keeping workers alert at all times. This is what the 6LED fixture form LEDScience is designed to accomplish.

We do not recommend that you use it within one hour of going to sleep.


Parameter Value
CCT in Degrees K 4206K
Duv -0.0034
CRI Ra (R1~R8) 92
CRI Re (R1~R15) 91
CQS 94
TLCI (Qa) 97.1
GAI 85.2
TM-30-15 Rf 87
TM-30-15 Rg 98
Illuminance at 12″ in lux 28920 lux
Foot Candles at 12″ 2686.8 fc
PPFD(400-700nm) 480.80 μmol/㎡/s
λp Prime Wavelength 457 nm
λD Dominant Wavelength 581 nm
Purity(Pe) 20%
SP Ratio 2
Flicker Percentage 2.50%
Flicker Index 0.01
Flicker Frequency Not Measurable



Spectral Power Distribution         Color Rendering                CIE 1931 Chromaticity


TM-30-15 Color Vector                                   TM-30-15 Rg and Rf Plot


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